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1955 CJ-5 Commerce, GA $4000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/08/2017) PTO winches front and rear.

“It is a Original 1955 willy jeep Cj5. The box under the passenger side is rusted and one of the front fenders, but other than that the body is in good shape. It will need a new top. The jeep runs, but the brakes and drive train will need to be serviced. It has a PTO with two attachments one was used to run a belt that ran a saw and the other a winch. It has a winch on the front and a brake lock system. Willy’s Hurricane engine 4 cylinder. It is rare to find one of these jeeps unmolested and with a PTO. $4,000”






6 Comments on “1955 CJ-5 Commerce, GA $4000

  1. Lew

    I dont recognize either of these winch setups. The front looks electric and the rear has a chain. I cant tell if the chain is a chain drive of some sort or it is there to prevent the spool from being pulled away from the vehicle. Doesnt seem like it would need a chain drive as the gearbox does that. ???

  2. pascal

    Interesting rear PTO setup. The front winch has his own battery. It’s a very good price.
    What does he mean by brake lock system? for the winch?

  3. Glennstin

    That chain setup is strictly for support. Those housings would break easily when that winch had tension. I doubt this setup would hold unless the pull was exactly opposite the chain direction. Certainly not a Willys Special Equipment Accessory. Frequently these housings are found broken or repaired from normal use.

  4. Barry West

    The question then becomes “Why not use metal braces?” That 90° gear box has bolts just inside the chain gear. So the chain just slips while the drum housing is rotating, hmmm. Well, okay then.

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