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2018 Southwest Ohio FC Gathering July 27-29

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UPDATE: Just a reminder that Roger’s FC event will be July 27-29. He has plenty of space for trucks & semis, trailers, RV’s (no hook-ups), and primitive camping.

This year you’ll be able to see Roger’s “new” 1960 FC-170 with an Ottawa Backhoe. I’ll get a preview of it in May when I drop by his place. Little does he know that I can’t wait to dig him a new swimming pool! Roger’s tablet was giving him a little trouble (some blue tint), but I think the pics tell the story well enough.


Roger wrote:
I live out in the country so I have plenty of room for trucks, trailers, and RV’s (no RV hook-ups). There is an RV Campground with hook-ups and one-room cabins 1 1\2 miles away. There is one motel 6 miles south of me in Waynesville, where there are antique shops, diners and restaurants. 10 miles north in Xenia there are several hotel/motels. I live 25 miles southeast of Dayton, Ohio.

Below is a list of the nearest places to stay:

Frontier Campground, 9580 Collett Road, Waynesville, OH 45068

Creekwood Motel of Waynesville, 401 S. Main Street, Waynesville, OH 45068
513-897-1000, 1-800-652-5953

Ramada Inn Xenia

Deerfield Inn of Xenia

Bring your FC’s and Step Vans, whether they’re cleaned up or still have on their “work clothes” right out of the field. Bring your extra parts for sale or trade. It would be nice to see photos of your truck, literature, and anything of interest for FC’s and Step Vans.

Call me anytime at 937-477-5270 or email:
My address is: Roger Martin
1905 Roxanna New Burlington Road
Waynesville, Oh 4506


More pics of Roger’s Ottawa Backhoe and some pics of his FC toys:


This one is kind of a Rolligon FC toy … not a jeep, but Roger likes it just the same.roger-toy1roger-toy2roger-toy


19 Comments on “2018 Southwest Ohio FC Gathering July 27-29

  1. Roger Martin

    My event is July 14-16.

    I’d appreciate any feedback on the event I have planned. Let me know if you think you might come.

    Thanks for all you do on this site, Dave.

  2. Mike Bledsoe

    My wife and I will be there with our non running FC. Will there be enough room for a 66′ race hauler? Thanks, Mike

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Mike,

    Roger’s got all kinds of room. Call him at 937-477-5270 with any questions.

    – Dave

  4. Roger Martin

    Glad to hear from you Mike and Jeffrey. I’m slow at computer work so it is best to call me. My phone # is 937-477-5270. My place is on Roxanna New Burlington Road just 1 mile east of SR42 north of Waynesville, Oh. I have plenty of room for trucks and trailers. There is room to set up a tent or bring a camping trailer or motor home…but there are no hook-ups.

  5. Steve E.

    It sounds like a great FC Meet in the middle of the country. I wish I could go.

    **Steve E.**

  6. Mike Bledsoe

    With the rain we have had and our race hauler rig is 31K lbs we will be bringing the FC on the flatbed trailer and coming down for the day on Saturday. See you then!


  7. Vernon Haggard

    BWAHAHAHA ?? — THATS THE BEST !!! — A JEEP FC — S=C=O=R=P=I=O=N — ready to sting the earth ,,,

  8. Doug in Ohio

    does anyone know a supplier of 16 x 5.5 rims new or good used like the ones on Roger’s FC 170 with dual rear wheels?

  9. Blaine

    Used only Doug. They can be found but not easily. Ford and International trucks of that era had very similar wheels. The lock ring on the original Jeep wheels have a zigzag where the ring ends meet. Fords are straight ends. Also a second style Ford wheel (as mounted on the front) lack space where the center attaches to the bell next to the lip where the lock ring mounts. The Jeep has about 1 1/2 deep space that will fit a finger in. And… Ford 17.5 drop center wheels fit also with the same look.

  10. Doug in Ohio

    Thanks Blaine!You confirmed my limited research that I have done-used wheels only available.I have a 1953 F-350 that uses the same size and lug pattern as the dually FC.My lock rings are one piece with no split.I have two that I reconditioned, and mounted new tires and tubes,but the other four on my truck are getting pretty weak.

  11. Roger Marton

    Doug in Ohio

    Are you coming to the South West Ohio FC Gathering with your FC 170 DRW. I have cleaned some of my wheels and they have the year stamp in them the same as the FC they came off of.
    Roger Martin

  12. Blaine

    Doug, I forgot about the one piece lock rings. I have some of those wheels and extra rings I might sell but I’m in Washington. Email me if you have interest.

  13. Doug in Ohio

    Roger,I do not have an FC,I just figured out that the rims I need for my 1953 F350 are the same width and diameter as a dually FC170.I would be curious to see if your rims are the same type as mine.I would like to be able to come to your event and check it out,I am not that far from you.I will call you sometime.
    Blaine thank you,I will see if Dave will send me your email.

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