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Wagon From Godfather II

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UPDATE: Mike has convinced me that the “convertible top” may actually be snow. You can see some snow on the truck behind the wagon, too.

Bob Christy’s been sick the past few days, but that didn’t stop him hunting for jeeps in the Godfather movies. Here’s he’s found an unusual wagon in the Godfather II that appears to have a soft and a spare on the passenger side. The single pane windshield suggests 1960-1963. Anyone ever seen this one or have thoughts on it?



16 Comments on “Wagon From Godfather II

  1. Mike

    In the many times I have viewed The Godfather films, I have never spotted this wagon. Dave, not sure what you mean by “SOFT” and spare on Passenger side, please explain.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I had the same impression as Bob, that the top is soft rather than a traditional wagon roof.

  3. Mike

    OK, now I understand. The roof section does resemble a convertible top, but My impression is the “depth of Field” in vintage camera photos. Old style film techniques focused on actors,not background scenes. If you notice, The wagon also has a old style “WEST COAST” Mirror of which adds to the distortion. My opinion for what it’s worth, not much these days.

  4. Mike

    By the way, Has anybody noticed the snow on the street and on the roof of the step van behind the Willys wagon? It’s not a padded roof, nor is it a convertible, IT’S SNOW.

    I have a lot to say, but what I have to say is factual information, not dreamland stuff. The following is a little bit off topic, but for the sake of conversation, The staging area for the Godfather film cars was an old brick industrial building on Pennsylvania Ave. in Paterson NJ just a short half mile from my house. The Cadillac that Sonny was shot up in was always pulled out and brought back to Paterson after each shoot in NYC, actually there were two, one that was perfectly restored and owned by a guy from Belleville NJ and another PROP CAR with bullet holes. It was a fun place to visit in those years, seeing all those featured film cars lined up on the street. Donna Motors in Belleville, NJ was the “CONTACT GUY” to get all these vintage car owners together long before the internet. And if you think having your vehicle being seen in a feature film, is A Cake Walk, think again. That’s another story for another time.

    IN SUMMERY, wake up, it’s SNOW!

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Mike … stop throwing facts and sober observations at us! We need to BELIEVE it is something special, lol …. I think you are correct about the snow. Good call!

    Nice Godfather info, too. πŸ™‚

  6. Bob

    I do see snow as well but this snow seems be forming a convertible top. See how it’s clinging to the side as well?

  7. Gray

    I see what you mean about the top . It almost looks like a 60s Jeepster top. But really I think it’s snow too . It’s definitely a 60s maverick with peacock blue and Malard blue combo . Good eye who ever spotted that one !

  8. Don

    All great stuff! But for the sake of accuracy, I have to point out to Mike that Sonny got shot up at the Toll Booth in a Lincoln Continental, not a Cadillac. (There WAS a Cadillac immediately in front of Sonny’s Lincoln, which blocked him from leaving, some of the shooters were in it.)

  9. Colin Peabody

    It would have been a shame to be so wrong that a horse’s head wound up in your bed Mike!!!!! LOL!!!

  10. Mike

    Colon, Remember, I’m from New Jersey, nothing gets past me without a reason. Cadillac, Lincoln, just wanted to see if you”wise guys” were paying attention. If I were Jimmy the Greek, the odds would be in my favor. By the way, Colon, do you own a horse? Gotta go, Vito’s on the other line.

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