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Slide of 1950s Shriner Jeep on eBay

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That could not have been a comfortable ride in the back of the jeep!

“Original Kodak Kodachrome Color Photo Red Border 35mm Slide – 1955-59
Snapshot of a Shriners Parade in downtown Tacoma, Washington, Broadway. A Jeep for the Al Kader Shriners, Portland, OR, drives in front of Duane’s Florsheim Shoes, Hanson’s Jewelers, Fabrics by Roy, and a loan office.
Vintage condition. Slides may have dust.”

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2 Comments on “Slide of 1950s Shriner Jeep on eBay

  1. CraigInPA

    I miss how Kodachrome rendered those eye popping colors. Today, the only way to get that look is through photoshop.

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