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1945 Photo of MB Pulling Farm Equipment on eBay

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This May 1945 photo appears to show an MB (rather than a CJ-2) pulling hay rake. It’s curious that the jeep has “WILLYS” written over the rear wheel well.

“1945 Press Photo Farmer Uses A Jeep As A Tractor To Rake Hay. This is an original press photo. Jeep has a future in postwar America The versatile jeep, which has become known as the “Sweetheart of the Army,” has a future in postwar America, both as an agricultural and industrial machine. All kinds of special bodies, air compressors, and pulley attachments for postwar units can be used with the jeep. Here a farmer uses the jeep to rake hay. This in only one of the farm chores a jeep will do. Others are plowing, harrowing, disking, rolling, drilling, cultivating, reaping and binding. Photo measures 8 x 6.25 inches. Photo is dated 05-26-1945.”

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