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Some Folks Playing w/ Their Jeeps

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I ran across this video of some folks playing with their jeeps.


10 Comments on “Some Folks Playing w/ Their Jeeps

  1. jimmmmmmm

    I noticed “Bam Bam” had a lot of hidden mods. Saginaw steering, lockers and loooonnng springs. Probably more.

  2. Jerry Huber

    Even at 60 and 70+ years old, the original Willys is a remarkable machine, with surprising capability. Impressive even today.

  3. Nick

    Thanks for posting the video Dave. I’m the one in the Jeep with no roll bar, the others had hidden bars. Of course I went around some obstacles to prevent any mishaps. My next project has a 5 point harness and full cage tied into the frame.

    This ride was in Attica, IN at Badlands. It’s a great place for the old Jeeps with plenty different types of terrain. Always a joy riding with other guys from thecj2apage. I typically go here with amphibious ATV’s, and we love to launch out of the drainage tubes!

  4. Brian in Fenton

    Wonderful video.

    I had a stock, low mile, 1956 CJ5 $350 rust bucket in the late 1970s that went everywhere the high dollar machines went just like this video. It had so many pop-rivet aluminum patches it looked like a B-17 and the Rust-o-leum roller paint job held up like iron. We were never first, but we never got left behind. I did install a roll bar and army surplus fighter 5 point harnesses. Used Sears snow tires all around and it came with GTO bucket seats.

  5. JW

    Great video. I love seeing mostly stock vintage Jeeps that can handle challenging terrain with the best. Old iron that hang with or outperform new JKs on the trail. I was surprised at how nimble my M38 can be. It’s mostly stock but with a locker in the rear and taller tires, I’d like to get it up to IN and try out those trails.

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