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1951 Photo of M-38s Ready for Shipment on eBay

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That’s a large amount of M-38s!

“1951 Press Photo Military Jeeps on field at Philadelphia ready to ship overseas. This is an original press photo. Hundreds of jeeps stand in precise military rows on a field at Philadelphia as they are prepared for shipment overseas. The vehicles, from plants all over the United States are assembled in a motor pool before being loaded aboard ships (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (Military jeeps) (Europe defense) Photo measures 8.75 x 8.25 inches. Photo is dated 12-13-1951.”

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One comment on “1951 Photo of M-38s Ready for Shipment on eBay

  1. Barry West

    Holy Toledo! If one could get in on a new Philadelphia Experiment and go back in time to divert a cargo ship loaded with these to a port near me, wow! Who cares if some dude is infused into the passengers seat, so what if you have to feed and water him every now and then. At least you’d have someone to discuss some very interesting topics while you’re​ out and about.

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