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1944 Photo of Town in Italy on eBay

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There’s a jeep the just appears near the bottom of the photo highlighting the scope of the devastation. I can’t quite make out the town’s name. Castelmuzio would put it in Siena, Italy.

“1944 Press Photo A Military jeep travels along the ruined Italian Streets. This is an original press photo. Dwarfed by towering ruins, a Jeep threads way through streets of battered Castlemouse(? aka Castelmuzio?), Italy, a German stronghold until the second day of current Allied offensive, when the fifth army overwhelmed its defenders. Photo measures 8.25 x 6.25 inches. Photo is dated 5-19-1944.”

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2 Comments on “1944 Photo of Town in Italy on eBay

  1. CraigInPA

    The description on the back of the photograph appears to say “castlemonte” (sic). Someone probably told the photographer that this was “castel monte”, which means “mountain castle” in Italian. Many ancient walled towns are referred to as “castel”. In May 1944, the fifth army was fighting a terrible three week battle at Monte Cassino, which is south of Rome. So, it’s likely this is located in southern Italy somewhere. The fifth army didn’t get to Sienna until much later in the war.

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