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M-151 Mutt Engine Removal Video

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I think this method of filming engine removals of L-134 and other vintage jeep engines could prove useful to folks. I didn’t know the radiator was attached to the “power pack” on the M-151. That’s handy!


5 Comments on “M-151 Mutt Engine Removal Video

  1. Brett

    The radiator is part of the power pack for the M38, A1 and probably more military vehicles if i had to guess.

  2. Terry

    MUTT ? I was in the regular army , army reserve and national guard in the 1970 s and was overseas and the states and drove dozens of M151s , and I never heard anyone call it a Mutt . It was always called a Quarterton pronounced as one word, or Jeep if it was assigned to a person as in The Majors jeep or the cook’s jeep , but never a MUTT .

  3. David Eilers Post author

    I only use MUTT because I’ve seen it used elsewhere (example, it is listed on the video’s title). After a few searches, the term appears to have originated at the vehicle’s beginning as a Military Utility Tactical Truck (MUTT). There are several articles about this. Here is one:

    Now, all that said, I’ve seen articles claiming jeep came from GP, but that’s a falsity (the term jeep was used prior to the introduction of the Ford GP). So, how often the term MUTT was used at the vehicles inception isn’t clear.

    For example, This brochure makes no mention of the term MUTT:
    While this brochure labels the vehicle as a MUTT:

  4. Terry Chicago

    WOW, that was awesome. Would that technique work for F-heads CJ3B as well, maybe excluding the radiator?

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