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1952 Story About Boy Scout Trip in a Willys Truck

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Scott shared a link to this 1952 story about eleven Boy Scouts who drove for 73 days across the country and back in a single Willys truck. It’s worth a read:

Here’s how the story begins: “In the summer of 1952 I was one of 11 Boy Scouts from Glen Ridge who joined Troop 3 Scoutmaster George Gimbel on a 73-day cross-country adventure. The trip took in 22states and two Canadian provinces. Nineteen fifty-two was years before the construction of the Interstate Highway System, so all of our travel was via state and local roads. We saw the country up-close. We camped out every night in national parks, state forests, and Boy Scout camps.”



9 Comments on “1952 Story About Boy Scout Trip in a Willys Truck

  1. Dan B.

    I think the original poster also mentioned something about a Traveller. The 4×4 ones sat nine (supposedly).

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Dan, I’ll have to look at the story more closely. I don’t remember seeing that mentioned. When I get a chance I’ll do that.

  3. Vernon Haggard

    THE willys truck had to be a 4 banger f4-134 — no overdrive — Timken split case rear axle — 5.38 ratio — hahaha — slow boat to — nowhere

  4. Brian in Fenton

    Summer camp 1969 they had a ~1964 Power Wagon. They took us like that for the hour drive to the Au Sable River and then back to camp a few days later. We argued who got to ride in the back. My mother would have fainted had she known. To ride like that for a summer? An eleven year olds dream.

  5. G Duffy

    I can testify that it is possible to get 9 plus the driver into a willies Jeep. Did it every weekend on our scouting trips. Some of the best times I ever had. Troop 3 George Gimble.

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