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1942 GPW Greenville, SC **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was $15,500.

All proceeds from the sale of this jeep will go to a military history museum. Maybe it is related to this new history museum? Unfortunately, the GPW has some changes, including a VEC windshield, altered wiring, extra braces on the bumper, incorrect bumper, missing hood latch, and probably some filler on the passenger side behind the step.The glove box is also “missing”.  I’d look this one over carefully.

“Original body that has the Ford script stamped on rear panel. Serial #28563 (manufactured in May or June of 1942). 6-volt electrical system. 13 gallon tank capacity. Front headlights pivot upwards for airfield use. Tool compartments above each rear wheel (both have rust damage). Flat fenders, Gerry can and spare tire mounted on rear, pioneer tools mounted on drivers side. Jeep has been partially restored. The transmission was rebuilt 2 years ago an windshield has been replaced. Canvas seats are in excellent condition. The glove box is missing and some non-original holes in dash. A trailer is also available to go with the Jeep for an additional $750. The Jeep was a show stopper in a recent Armed Forces parade. The Jeep is currently on display in a Military History Museum and has not been run for approximately 5 months, however it ran great before putting it in the Museum. All proceeds for the sale of the Jeep will go to the Military History Museum.”



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  1. Brian

    Number of incorrect things. Wipers should be single, not tandem, steering wheel should be green, incorrect horn, no fuel filter or combat wheels.

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