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1943 GPW Yucca Valley, CA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: Status Unknown** Was $16,000.

I *think* this was a non running jeep that was for sale last year.

1943-gpw-yucca-ca1 1943-gpw-yucca-ca2 1943-gpw-yucca-ca3 1943-gpw-yucca-ca4

“1943 GPW WW II Jeep
*Authentic, original survivor with matching numbers
*Archives info:
-Army assigned original hood #
-Mfg by Ford, Louisville, Kentucky plant, May 28, 1943
-Shipped out that date by trucking company
-Dec. 1943 the last of GPW’s completely mfg’d in-house by Ford. The only Jeep mfg’d that built entire jeep in-house
*12V conversion with GM internal regulator alternator and custom after-market mounting bracket
*Original wide belt maintained
*Civilian tail lites & turn signals added for safety. Original military tail lites available
*Have complete new set of seat cushions; originals on seats in poor condition
*No back seat available
*New radiator & hoses with 50/50 coolant. Original radiator available in decent condition
*New original fuel filter element
*New points/condenser/plugs & wires
*Selectro Locking hubs w/o cutting threads off axle ends. Original
*Military full-time caps available
*Original radio/ignition suppressor still under cowl
*Recent new clutch kit
*Trans and transfer case recently had poor-man’s rebuild. Trans still has some common issues. Otherwise, functions OK.
*All military canvas top bows complete
*Original axle and shovel *Mechanical wipers *On CA non-op
*Lic plate mounting bracket w/lite up under spare gas can. Visibly legal yet not an eye-sore.
*New OEM exhaust pipe, muffler & brackets
*Very little under-carriage rust
*Original combat wheels with 600×16 military tires. One new tire for spare wheel
*New authentic front bumper & brackets *Body and frame unmolested *Original pindle hook
*Original data plates on glove box door
*Has its own dog tags on (2) keys with new authentic ignition switch
*Recent new Interstate battery
*Recent new brake master cylinder and stop lite switch
*Special Note* Member of the Military Vehicle Preservation Assoc. of America. It possibly served in the Pacific Theater as a follow-me jeep escorting bombers to parking area. Has some yellow paint showing through on corners, frontal area and windshield. Pictures in WWII jeep history books show follow-me jeeps checker-board painted frontal area yellow & o.d. to stand out.
No archive proof yet
*We flat tow or trailer jeep to occasional military events. Our favorite, General Patton Museum on Veterans Day at Chiriaco Summit, CA Also, used sight seeing, and exploring the desert
****Great, fun jeep and a historical piece of USA history****

$16,000.00 incl. boxes of NOS, used and original parts”



One comment on “1943 GPW Yucca Valley, CA **Status Unknown**

  1. Luis

    I think you’re right David, it looks good from afar but has body filler on several areas, the driver side rear body seam is not visible, you can see one fire extinguisher bolt hole on one inside pic and covered on driver side body pic. Little high priced for the condition, although looks good, but maybe for a lower price.

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