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1949 CJ-3A Fire Jeep Gravette, AR eBay

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UPDATE: Still Available. The starting price has dropped to $22,000.

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“1949 Willys CJ3A Fire Engine Jeep. This is a Boyer conversion. This jeep is very complete, original, and unrestored. This jeep has less less than 3200 miles on the odometer. Lots of the original accessories are still place. I understand that some of the nozzles are collectible.

The jeep has been in long term storage since it was taken out of service in 1980. The jeep is not currently running but the engine is not stuck. It will turn over by hand. The jeep was driven into the storage building that I found it in. I bought this jeep from the first civilian owner. Since this is an all original jeep, I have done nothing to it. I have not even washed the nearly 40 years of dust off of it. You are getting a very complete and untouched original fire engine jeep here.

The jeep has virtually no rust on it. The floors are nice and solid and the floor hat channel supports underneath are solid. It is amazing how complete this jeep is. The water tank trailer was stored outside and the paint on the trailer has suffered because of that. The trailer is complete but will need some attention. The jeep does have some sheet metal damage to the passenger side fender.

This jeep includes many hard to find original items such as the ladder, draft hoses, nozzles, and hose fittings. There is a wrench that is for lowering and raising the trailer jack. The trailer has two fold down stabilizer supports on the rear. The original key is still chained in place and there is an extra key attached under the hood. The engine is complete with a governor and a hand throttle that comes through the grill to control the engine when engaging the pump. I could go on and on. Look at the pictures. Willys collectors don’t find jeeps like this very often.

I do have a good title on this jeep.

This jeep was purchased and put into service by the US government. I’ve got several historical papers that will be included with this jeep including the original form that was issued with this jeep in 1980 when the US government sold the jeep. I do have information about where this fire engine was in service for nearly 30 years. I will share that information and some paperwork with the new owner.”

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3 Comments on “1949 CJ-3A Fire Jeep Gravette, AR eBay

  1. S. Giraud

    Looks to me like the grill was swapped out to a mid year 1950 for the radiator is grill mounted, not bottom mounted as a 49 with a serial number of 31027 should have. Nice jeep and water trailer though.

  2. Bob

    I think that’s much more realistic. Heck, If I had $22,000 burning a hold in my pocket I’d be all over it.

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