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No Updates Sunday


Next updates will be Monday. We are celebrating Oolie Christmas this weekend and have 40 people over. Yep, it’s busy here!


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  1. David Eilers Post author

    Craig, it has been a few years since I explained it.

    “Ann’s family is arriving this weekend to celebrate Oolie Christmas. Yes, it is Christmas in February. Why Christmas in February? Because her family (large family) was too busy to gather at Christmas. What’s an oolie Christmas? It’s a family celebration of Christmas started by Ann’s grandmother, who suffered a brain injury in a car wreck. After the wreck, she couldn’t do a lot, but one thing she could do was go to thrift stores. So, she’d go to thrift stores all year around until she had a huge collection of pretty bizarre presents (they’d fill half a bedroom). The presents weren’t addressed to anyone; instead, they were passed out until everybody had one. Then, everyone shouted OOLIE and opened the presents all at once. Presents ranged from broken clocks, to playboy magazines (even the kids ended up with these sometimes), to home-made items. Once presents were opened, another round of presents were handed out, ‘oolie’ was yelled again and unwrapping commenced once more.

    After Ann’s grandmother passed away the tradition died. However, a few years ago Ann and her cousins decided to restart the tradition. The advantages are: it’s inexpensive, there is no buying stress, and, with about 40 people in one large living room, it is wild!

  2. Dave from Mn

    Sounds like awesome fun. So a little more clarification why ooile? And who is shopping for all the odd presents?

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Oolies began as little decorations made from whatever materials were around. The name was later applied to the event.

    Everyone who attends shops for odd presents (or finds things around their house or makes odd things). Whatever items folks don’t want are put in a box and taken to a local Goodwill.

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