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1954 CJ-3B Portage, WI $10,500


This is supposed to have 11,000 original miles. Given the speedometer does not look original, this may not be accurate. Still, this looks very original and in good shape.

“11,000 Original Miles Runs Great Comes With Canvas Cab Asking $10,500”

1954-cj3b-portage-wisc5 1954-cj3b-portage-wisc6 1954-cj3b-portage-wisc7 1954-cj3b-portage-wisc8 1954-cj3b-portage-wisc9


One comment on “1954 CJ-3B Portage, WI $10,500

  1. Bob in nc

    Old gent who owns this is in his mid ,80’s. Had it for 40 years. He is a little hard to understand. Comes with hard top. Looks z little rough around the edges. Maybe 5 k. He’s firm at 11. Good luck to him.

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