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CJ-5 Project Pittsburgh, PA $3000


I believe this is an uncompleted project.

“56 Willy glass body,one piece tilt frunt end glass,CJ ,frame boxed @painted, springs reverse, steering box moved foreword, body sets on hockey puck puts hood hight @about eye level, tires 33bf good rich al outlaw, moater 283.30.over, dome flat-top pistons, pump up hydraulic liffters, intake eddlblock squorpen air-flow 4bl,3-sets of head,( 202-96-94)  ,motor built not run,(hydraulic cluch, plate,flyweel new) M22.rockcrushertrans,dubbel-club transfer,56-Cev-rad ( sun gages malery tak, hiback glass bucket seats paded,raceing harness,webs, sofftop@doors with moon roof windshield frame @gas-tank, hardwear ss-steel,peadels new.”



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