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Sturdee Hardtop Brochure

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This is the only information I could find on this rare hardtop.

1940s-sturdee-hardtop-brochure1 1940s-sturdee-hardtop-brochure2


6 Comments on “Sturdee Hardtop Brochure

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Craig, I don’t know. The document is not dated. It came from an early 1950s equipment book of brochures. It is interesting that the wagon has the same rear door design as shown above. Was that a common door design?

  2. CraigInPA

    The clamshell rear door design was around for decades before Willy’s put it on their wagon. The differentiation for Willy’s was that theirs was all steel, whereas earlier manufacturers made theirs from various species of hardwoods (ash being the predominant one). It looks like the Sturdee hard top is more a copy of something from the 1930’s than what Willy’s was putting out.

  3. Bob in nc

    Mahogany Veneer pannels. If you made it today you would use solid mahogany. Or at least I would. Not a lot of lumber on the whole top. Top grade hardwood frame. Today I would use white oak. Not sure what they used. Maybe hard maple.

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