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1957 Press Photo of Mine Detector eBay

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UPDATE: Another example of this photo was posted to eBay back in 2014 (see photos at bottom).

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“1957 Press Photo Edmond Kulanski checks a jeep-mounted mine detector in Virginia. This is an original press photo. Mine “Sweeper” Fort Belvoir, Va.: Developed by the Army Engineer Research and Development Laboratories at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, this jeep-mounted mine detector is checked by Specialist Edmond Kulanski, of Shaker Heights, Ohio. The device automatically stops the vehicle when it locates a buried mine. The movable search-head can be controlled by the driver of the innovations worked out by the military and civilian scientists engaged in vital research for the U.S. defense establishment, which offers unlimited opportunities for qualified applicants. Photo measures 7 x 9 inches. Photo is dated 03-14-1957.”

1957-03-14-mine-dector-willys1 1957-03-14-mine-dector-willys2


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.




5 Comments on “1957 Press Photo of Mine Detector eBay

  1. Bruce Hoad

    The British defence organisation RARDE had 2 of these for evaluation way back. They were then used as range vehicles after the trial and one was broken for spares to keep the other going. They were sold off about 30 years ago but I inherited the body tub from one of them, plus a few fittings. It’s currently being finished to go on my ’53 M38A1 but I’d love to know what the extra fittings did.

  2. David Eilers


    Thanks for the info! I found this reference. Maybe this person has some more info about them.
    I ran across this Feb 1957 PDF that is supposed to have a reference to a jeep mine sweeper. I can’t get it to load at the moment. Maybe you will have more luck? It might be something or might be nothing.

    – Dave

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