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1949 CJ-3A **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** It now lives in Montana.

Has a rear PTO.

“1949 willys c j2a 35,000 original miles. Zero rust always garaged. original windows no cracks or breaks. 4 cylinder motor professional old school machinest rebuild, runs mint, original straight body, new hubs, good original paint, good tires, original factory on rear p.t.o. one of a kind find $6,000 will deal”

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11 Comments on “1949 CJ-3A **SOLD**

  1. Lew

    Two questions: What year did that windshield come out vs the venting 2A Im used to? I assumed all CJ2A had top bow pockets on the side?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    1. As I understand it, the 3A windshield with the center swinging vent originated with the first CJ-3A. As far as I’m aware, no CJ-2As came with that style of windshield from the factory. I have not seen anything to counter that theory, but when it comes to jeeps, I try never to say “it never happened”.
    2. Top bow pockets …. it’s my personal theory that some CJ-2As must have been produced without bow brackets. I say that because at least some CJ-2A bodies, like those used for Fire Engines, do not appear to have the brackets. I’ve also seen some very stock jeeps that lacked them as well. I figured some folks ordered jeeps from the factory without them (if this was possible). The best chance of confirming this would be to find some factory or dealer photos that show 2As without the bow holders.

  3. MATT

    The other thing I was wondering is about the radiators during this change-over in 1949.. Did early 49 3A’s have bottom mount radiators or the grill-mount right from the start??

    Side note on windshield frames: I ran across a “73 CJ-3″ from Spain (think 3B) on another ‘bring-a-trailer”-type website.. and this has a normal 3B windshield frame that we’re all used to but it’s VENTED. Never seen one-

  4. Matt in CT

    If that is the original paint on this jeep then it’s in remarkable condition. The overspray on the transmission hump has me second guessing it. Maybe someone just touched up the floors? Those rims are definitely in great original shape. Has the right patina for me!

  5. David Eilers Post author

    I’ll be posting that CJ-3B from tomorrow 🙂

    According to Sean, the early 3A used a bottom mount. This was changed approximately around 3A s/n 21656.

    – Dave

  6. Niels Pedersen

    I REALLY like this one. Seems like a great price if as described. I have too many toys for another but someone should grab this one!

  7. Ted Jordan

    Too bad it wasn’t a 49 CJ2A , those are hard to come by. Wished it were closer nice looking Jeep

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