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UPDATE: Photos from Expedition Sauterelle

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UPDATE II: Thanks to Fred, we have a facebook link to a couple color photos and a link to diaries (in French) thanks to the Guy’s grandson David:

UPDATE: Jalopnik published this story in March 2017 that gives more background to photos Charles forwarded back in 2015 (see pics below). I couldn’t find much info on the trip pat the time.

Jalopnik’s story:

1956-expedition-sauterelle9 1956-expedition-sauterelle8 1956-expedition-sauterelle7 1956-expedition-sauterelle6

1956-expedition-sauterelle5 1956-expedition-sauterelle4 1956-expedition-sauterelle3 1956-expedition-sauterelle2 1956-expedition-sauterelle1


5 Comments on “UPDATE: Photos from Expedition Sauterelle

  1. Matt

    Unreal. I’ll have to check this out-

    This is reminds me of a book I read a while back called Four Wheels and Frontiers: The First Overland-Singapore to England by Roy Follows and Jayne E. Follows.

    If you guys get a chance to pick it up, it’s a great read.

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