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Knardly Rolls Rolls for Reals, 32 Years Later ….

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Well, he did it. A big CONGRATULATIONS TO ALASKA Paul. He installed the final part onto his stainless 1952 M-38 Knardly Rolls on May 2nd, 2018. I, for one, look forward to hearing about the inaugural run!

From: lemonade

To this 32 years and 5 months later: paul-m38-1

Here’s what Paul wrote,

“Somehow, despite my best efforts, I finally managed to complete the never ending rebuild of the little stainless steel Willys. The last part (the rear driveshaft) was bolted to the axle at 12:30 pm today, May 2nd 2018 ending a multi decade effort that began when I dropped the engine off at the rebuilders on December 2nd 1985. Over the years I’ve used the date the stainless steel body was ordered as the project start date but that happened over a month after the engine went to the rebuilders.

From the starting date to the completion date this project took 32 years and 5 months of time. I realize I’m slow but I never expected I’d take over three decades to rebuild one Willys Jeep …… it’s good I don’t do this for a living. I’m glad I finished it while I’m still flexible enough to climb into the driver’s seat, the Goddess suggested I make a stainless steel walker because I might need one before I finished the little Willys. She’s helpful that way.

The backyard is quite soggy so I’ll have to wait a week or so before I can reposition the Willys from the garage to the connex for leak checks and static runs. If things go well I hope to be cruising thru the neighborhood by late May.

Naturally, the garage must be filled with a project before winter so this fall I’ll move the remains of the 1951 M100 trailer inside where I’ll begin to fabricate a stainless steel box on the original frame.

Other than that the Goddess and I are having fun under the midnight sun here in the northland. By mid May the trees should have leaves, the night time temperature should stay above freezing and we shouldn’t have anymore snowfall until late September.”


8 Comments on “Knardly Rolls Rolls for Reals, 32 Years Later ….

  1. Steve

    Congrats Paul!

    Is this build documented online? If so, can someone share the link?


  2. Joe in Mesa

    CONGRATS PAUL! That’s truly amazing. Wondering how/if I’ll ever get to see it in person… will you be touring the Southwest any time soon? 😉

    Of course you know what this means, Dave? Reminds me of another epic ongoing eWillys build…
    2 words: Lost Biscuit! 😀

  3. greenlakesgary

    Wow Paul!
    What a work of art! I’ve owned my jeep 38 years and you never stop working on them!!!

  4. Steve

    Thanks for sharing the link Dave.

    After re-reading all of the updates on the Willy’s and seeing the amazing attention to detail, I am really looking forward to following Paul’s progress on the M-100 trailer.

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