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Father Thomas Asher Needs Some M-38A1 Parts

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Father Thomas Asher expressed an interesting in sharing some history as part of a retreat near Los Gatos, California, this summer. You can read a short bio on him here.

He was most interested in finding one or more folks to bring their jeeps to the retreat and share some history with the kids, but it’s proven difficult to find help. So, he bought an M-38A1, but it needs some parts. He’s got shipping arranged out of Dallas (he grew up there), but if anyone has some parts and can help him out, he’d appreciate it. You can call him at 408-455-1720

I was hoping someone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area might have some of the things just to keep shipping costs down. Bob at 820 Jeep Service got us a few things but wasn’t sure if there was
someone else in this area. The things I would like to find fairly soon are all available on line I
just wanted to make sure someone didn’t have these things laying around that I could pick up for a better price.

Thanks for your help,
Thomas Asher

Shipping address:
820 Jeep Service 
7800 Randle Dr.
Fort Worth, TX

Here are some items I need:

  • Military Footman loops
  • Bow mounting hardware, side plates (4), thumb screws and straps – I
    don’t need the bracket that holds the bows in the up in position.
  • Seat driver, all parts including cover
  • Seat passenger, all parts except frame including cover
  • Black out Light with Guard for front fender
  • Mirror inside center of windshield
  • Clevis, 2x front with pins
  • Clevis, 2x rear with pins
  • Water bucket, canvas for on back of fuel can
  • Speedometer cable or just the end repaired? Our speedometer cable tip is
    worn to a point.
  • Stencil kit
  • Shovel

One comment on “Father Thomas Asher Needs Some M-38A1 Parts

  1. Mike

    Happy to read this post, a great way for the Catholic Church to engage with the community. Pope Francis speaks, and Father Thomas listens. Some of those parts Father Tom is looking for are listed in the previous post, 1943 MB and parts, Windsor, NY, Donations, just a thought.

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