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Saturday at the Willys Rally

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Chris, Patrick, and Roger all shared photos from the Willys Rally on Saturday. Here’s a compilation of their photos:



IMG_0195 2018-06-02-willys-rally-mixer


2018-06-02-willys-rally-post-hole-digger 2018-06-02-willys-rally-saw

2018-06-02-willys-rally-chassis-ramp 2018-06-02-willys-rally-trailers 2018-06-02-willys-rally-trencher2 2018-06-02-willys-rally-welder
Nick’s Valentine APU:
IMG_7928 IMG_7929 IMG_7930 IMG_7931 IMG_7932

Some more rigs:IMG_7934 IMG_7935 IMG_7936 IMG_7937 IMG_7938 IMG_7939


3 Comments on “Saturday at the Willys Rally

  1. Chris Rutherford

    Hey Dave, just wanted to give a big thumbs up to everyone involved in this event! It was well organized and the people are just amazing. I will definitely return next year to this beautiful spot. I met some wonderful people and hope to keep up with some of my new Willys Jeep family. Cheers to a great weekend!

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