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Great Willys Picnic & Bantam Festival This Weekened

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It’s a busy weekend for jeeps in Pennsylvania this weekend. Have fun all!

The Great Willys Picnic will be held Sunday, June 10th:


The Bantam Jeep Festival will be held June 8-10:


7 Comments on “Great Willys Picnic & Bantam Festival This Weekened

  1. Windyhill

    Busy yes…But the Great Willys Picnic is the only show to go to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Terry

    Yes, Willys picnic is Great. Nice location , nice people, lots of nice Willys . Check out photos from past years .

  3. CraigInPA

    I’ll be at the Picnic in Kempton. I’ll be the huge guy with the white Panama hat and Hawaiian shirt prowling the flea market for stuff I don’t need and shouldn’t buy.

    Current weather forecast isn’t ideal, with potential for rain in the morning. But, weathermen don’t know what it’s going to do tomorrow, so who knows about 5 days from now?

  4. David Eilers Post author

    For what it’s worth, it was supposed to rain on us Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Aurora. We didn’t get any during any of those days. So, I’ll hope for the best.

    Good lucking with the hunting Panama Craig 🙂

  5. Glennstin

    Rain or Shine, Great Willys stuff shows up at The Picnic. It’s the most fun a Willys Nut can have in one, too short day. I’ll be there from Maine, just a short ride to gather round ol’ buddies AND it’s all FREE.

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