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Derek’s Look at the 2018 Willys Reunion

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I happily did very little on Tuesday, so just this one post for Wednesday. On Wednesday, we drive home. On Thursday, I’ll provide a look back on our trip.

In the mean time, Derek wrote a three page article about his time at the Willys Reunion. You can read it all here:


Rick Pacholski aka Scoutpilot demonstrating a fuel pump rebuild at the 2018 Willys Reunion.


9 Comments on “Derek’s Look at the 2018 Willys Reunion

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Blaine … right you are. I even saw the glass piece and my brain went directly to “carb”, as I only knew that Rick was doing carb rebuilds. Thanks for the correction 🙂 (Aren’t you glad I didn’t try to do more posts last night, lol)

  2. Rick Pacholski

    Thank you, Derek! Well done indeed! Thank you, Dave, for sharing here! I wasn’t going to say anything to the man who makes his living at the keyboard.

  3. Tom in Paris

    I hope you’ve made it home in great shape. Thank you both for all of the photos and for sharing your trip.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Rick: Feel free to correct me anytime. My brain is a bit mushy at this point. I’m going to get some good sleep tonight!

    Tom: We’ve made it, but we are a bit weary. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed our reports and photos. The last installment will appear Thursday morning. Thanks,

    – Dave

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