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M-38A1 Power Plant Perfection Heater Montana City, MT **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $250.

(10/03/2017) This is interesting. It was sold by the Perfection Stove Company out of Cleveland, OH.

“M38A1 Power Plant Heater Kit, NOS, Just Opened the original crate, unique, mint, perfect
Ordinance Part 7358726, dated 11/53, the wood crate measures 27″x20″x21″.
$500 FIRM”

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8 Comments on “M-38A1 Power Plant Perfection Heater Montana City, MT **SOLD**

  1. Barry West

    Cool but a Hot item to have. What, it heats your oil, water, batteries and cab! If I had an M38A1 and lived in an area prone to very cold winters this would be an awesome piece of historical americana! Giving its condition I would say a good price. IMO.

  2. Alaska Paul

    When I got my M-38 from my Dad in 1972 it came fully equipped with all the cold weather additions including the Willys hardtop, the gas fired Southwind interior heater, the gas fired engine and battery heater, the dash mounted engine primer and the heat ducts for the interior of the Jeep. The engine heater is mounted in the passenger footwell area and really cuts down on the limited leg room available so I removed the entire engine/battery heating system but I kept the interior heater. Just before E. A. Patsons (the local military surplus yard) closed in 2013 I was able to scour the entire place for M-38 parts I might need in the future and I uncovered 20 or so brand new engine/battery heater kits for the M-38 model Jeeps. No one seemed interested in these heaters so I believe they were sold to the scrap metal people.

  3. Alaska Paul

    This self contained heater keeps the engine and the batteries warm when the vehicle is parked outdoors during cold winter nights. It’s not an interior heater … for that you’ll need either a Southwind M978 gas heater or an engine coolant heat exchanger along with the necessary duct work.

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