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1942? MB? Freetown, MA $10,000


Looks to be a mix of parts. Tub is fiberglass.

“1942 Willy’s Jeep military vehicle. Restored. Has fiber glass tub, 4 cylinder devil engine, 12 volt electrical system.”



6 Comments on “1942? MB? Freetown, MA $10,000

  1. Tracy

    I’m curious and not trying to be a jerk but…. With an incorrect body and if it’s truly a 42 is this worth the $10G?
    I understand what restoration is all about and have done a few on stuff like tractors, big trucks, cars, Harley’s and old snowmobiles. I’ve been watching out for an mb or GPW and notice prices realy vary from extreme to down to earth.
    I know it’s all about what someone is willing to pay but there’s also a practical point at which the price becomes to high.
    I’m a bit of a purist and if I was to purchase this I would want to put it back to or as close to original as possible which means even doing the work myself I’d still be spending a couple grand more.
    Just looking for thoughts.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    It’s a fair question. First, there’s nothing on the jeep to suggest it is a 1942. More likely, it’s a 1945-1948 CJ-2A. At this point, this is best described as a tribute WWII jeep. These have been rising in value, as have all vintage jeeps.

    To turn this back into a 1942 (if indeed the frame was 1942) I would expect you’d be faced with spending probably $5,000 or more (as it appears to lack many military parts).

    In my opinion, the price is on the high side, as this is less likely to hold value if the market drops (than say a true WWII jeep). I include it to give folks a sense of some of the prices and not to suggest that this particular one is a good price. There are some crazy prices out there ($20,000 +) on WWII jeeps that aren’t all correct, ones I usually avoid listing. I expect the price on this one will drop, too.

  3. Tacy

    Thanks. I was thinking the same. I’ve noticed the ones that seem to be selling are averaging in the $10G to $15G range and look to be period correct.
    I’ve talked to different “restoration specialist” and they seem to claim in various forms of restoration WW2 Jeeps are selling anywhere from $20G on up. The highest I’ve heard was around $36G. I see guys asking those prices but actually wondered if any are selling at those prices and if so are they just trailer queens. My intentions are to drive it for fun, WW2 shows and the occasional parade so I don’t need or want a “show room” restoration and wouldn’t mind a bit of “patina” so to speak.
    I’m currently looking at a 46 CJ2A with the intention of converting it to an MB but I’d hate to do that if restoring it as a CJ would hold value more so than it being converted or cloned to an MB.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Glad you enjoy the site!
    I’ve seen them from $10k on up, though there are fewer and fewer $10-$15k MBs/GPWs these days. At least some of the price variations depend on 1) location, 2) quality of the restoration (great work, but a few things incorrect), 3) accuracy of the restoration (spot on to specs), 4) rarity of the model (MB slat vs regular MB for example), 5) how it’s advertised, 6) type of ‘restoration’ (to factory spec, w/field mods, w/service mods –army, navy, etc–, or other), 7) extras included in price. So, in my opinion, there are a lot of factors that *should* be considered when pricing a jeep.

    My thought it …. I think it depends on the CJ-2A. If you find a CJ-2A in pretty good, original shape, then it probably makes more financial sense to insure it stays in good shape as a 2A. That should yield a better return in the future than turning it into a military model. However, if you find a crappy 2A that needs work and you don’t want to do a perfect restoration into a pristine 2A, but rather you only want to invest a little money into patching the body, etc, and you can get a few military parts to make it look military without breaking the budget, then I don’t think it matters to much which direction you go with it in terms of future value (as either way it probably won’t be worth too much).

    – Dave

  5. Tracy

    Dave. I also know of a 43 MBW in realy rough condition sitting on a local farm. Has an aftermarket top on it like a mail Jeep or something. No motor, axels and tranny there, body shot, not sure of the frame I think it’s good but last I looked all tags were there. Tried to settle on a price with the owner but he never seems to give me one to work with.
    I’m guessing in the $500 to $800 range if the frames good and salvageable along with a few othe items. But it will definitely need a whole new body and drivetrain.
    Wonder if there’s some way I could get you pics and get an opinion.
    Thanks Tracy

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