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1949 CJ-3A Boyer Fire Jeep Bentonville, AR **SOLD**

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(11/11/2017) It hasn’t been washed in 40 years!

1949-cj3a-gravette-ar5 1949-cj3a-gravette-ar6 1949-cj3a-gravette-ar7 1949-cj3a-gravette-ar8

“1949 Willys CJ3A Fire Engine Jeep. This is a Boyer conversion. This jeep is very complete, original, and unrestored. This jeep has less less than 3200 miles on the odometer. Lots of the original accessories are still place. I understand that some of the nozzles are collectible.

The jeep has been in long term storage since it was taken out of service in 1980. The jeep is not currently running but the engine is not stuck. It will turn over by hand. The jeep was driven into the storage building that I found it in. I bought this jeep from the first civilian owner. Since this is an all original jeep, I have done nothing to it. I have not even washed the nearly 40 years of dust off of it. You are getting a very complete and untouched original fire engine jeep here.

1949-cj3a-gravette-ar9 1949-cj3a-gravette-ar10 1949-cj3a-gravette-ar11 1949-cj3a-gravette-ar12 1949-cj3a-gravette-ar13 1949-cj3a-gravette-ar14 1949-cj3a-gravette-ar15 1949-cj3a-gravette-ar16

This jeep includes many hard to find original items such as the ladder, draft hoses, nozzles, and hose fittings. There is a wrench that is for lowering and raising the trailer jack. The trailer has two fold down stabilizer supports on the rear. The original key is still chained in place and there is an extra key attached under the hood. The engine is complete with a governor and a hand throttle that comes through the grill to control the engine when engaging the pump. I could go on and on. Look at the pictures. Willys collectors don’t find jeeps like this very often.

I do have a good title on this jeep.

This jeep was purchased and put into service by the US government. I’ve got several historical papers that will be included with this jeep including the original form that was issued with this jeep in 1980 when the US government sold the jeep. I do have information about where this fire engine was in service for nearly 30 years. I will share that information and some paperwork with the new owner.”

1949-cj3a-gravette-ar17 1949-cj3a-gravette-ar19 1949-cj3a-gravette-ar20


19 Comments on “1949 CJ-3A Boyer Fire Jeep Bentonville, AR **SOLD**

  1. Mike

    You would think for that price, the seller would at least, get it running. The engine turns, some fresh gas, a battery and some time to made this unique Jeep more salable.

  2. Dan

    I am that owner / seller that you are referring to. I am also a collector. Yes, I could get this jeep running and in time I may do just that. I don’t think it will take very much effort to get it running. At this point, this is a barn find jeep. Exactly as it was found. I haven’t even washed the jeep. It is my desire to offer this jeep exactly as found. I personally disagree that if I got this jeep running it would be more “salable”. Any knowledgeable collectector who comes to take s serious look at this jeep will know what he is looking at. He will know if there are serious issues or not. I believe he will appreciate the fact that this jeep has not been messed with in any way. They are only barn finds once!

  3. Rick Farquhar

    Nice Jeep ! Boyer Fire Jeeps are getting hard to find especially with a water trailer and some equipment .
    The asking price is fair for a running Jeep with a known good pump and solid water trailer. A CJ5 was just sold near me for under $20,000 in running condition with no water trailer and limited equipment.
    I would look at it in a minute EXCEPT that the wife thinks I have to many toys now. Good Luck !

  4. Bob in nc

    It don’t matter what someone paid for something, all that matters is what it is worth.

    But just talking between us, what did you pay? 5 K?

  5. Terry

    I don’t get this idea that a ” barn find ” is a good thing , surface rust on all the chrome and on a fire truck that’s a big expense , mice get in to every thing , even up the tail pipe . It will need every thing ,tires fuel system , electrics , brakes . Whenever I see an add that says ” wont take much to get it running ” I see someone tried and could not .

  6. rocnroll

    VERY nice ‘parts jeep’ …..a non running “barn find” is just that. All mechanicals must be bought on a ‘good faith’ basis as nothing can be proven as workable and would have to be priced accordingly.

    Conversely if it was running/driving then systems could be assessed.

    I always wonder when a seller points out “very little effort to get it running” why it isn’t.

    Makes it more “salable”? Maybe not but makes it more worth the asking price of a RUNNING jeep.

    Definately the seller’s prerogative to get it running or not but that should be reflected in the price generally speaking.

    Nonetheless, nice Jeep.

  7. Mike

    Yes, I agree, the fact that it’s been for sale all this time verifies that point, just interested in cashing in the easiest way possible.

  8. Dan

    To those who continue to suggest that this being a barn find makes it less desirable I suggest you come take a look at this. There are many collector circles (including the MVPA) that have written articles on barn finds. They are only all 100% original once. Yes, I could spend some time with this and get it running. A true collector would prefer to find this in an original “as found” state. Also, a true collector would be able to look at this an know what major systems might need repair or work. I don’t have a problem with someone not wanting to purchase this. That’s fine. But find me one other one out there that has not been touched and then we can have a discussion. Some of you are proving your ignorance by your comments. This is not a field find, CJ2A. This jeep has some significant history that comes along with it linking it to some very interesting government and military use. I have paperwork showing when the government purchased this.

  9. Terry

    The seller says that some commenters are showing their ignorance .So you have paperwork when the govt. purchased it , so what . It has history , so what ! Someone wrote an article on barn finds ,so what ! The Jeep is still not worth 25 grand or it would have been sold long ago . Sell something at a fair price and it will sell .

  10. Bob in nc

    I think typically what happens is some wrench head has a neighbor who’s brother tells him about a fire jeep for sale. He buys it at a good price. Spends a month of Sundays fixing it up. Looking good. Everything works.
    20 years later for what ever reason it has to go. That is when first listed price might start at 25 and come down from there. As a fellow collector I would concur with a couple other guys here. Wash it, clean it up a little. Get it running. Nobody will mind. The person who buys it won’t mind if you put points, plugs, wires, new gas. Save the old stuff you replace. But get it running and drive her some. A couple miles a month.

  11. mike Finegan

    Bob, in agreement with you, a minimum investment to get it running and cleaned up, at least this way, a logical reason to justify the high price.

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