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Newgren Lift PTO Louisville, KY **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD**. Was $4000.

Has at least one cracked weld that needs fixing.

“This is the most complete Newgren lift I have seen, time to let it go. It comes with original pump bracket plus later version bracket. Was removed from a working farm Jeep with original overload springs”




9 Comments on “Newgren Lift PTO Louisville, KY **SOLD**

  1. Matt

    This is the style I like, under the body so you can still utilize the back seat. However I was a little taken aback when I noticed the asking price. I don’t know that much about Willy’s 3 pt lift systems but maybe this is a fair price? (or maybe just supply and demand?)

  2. Blaine

    My brother has a pair of springs leftover from a pickup he had that look the same as the ones in the picture. Are they just aftermarket or particular to Newgren ?

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Blaine: I don’t have any brochures indicating that Newgren sold springs. However, according to one document from an early 1950s Willys Industrial Equipment Book, the correct installation of certain equipment required certain accessories (from the factory). For example:

    The Trencher on a CJ-3A required (listed by Factory Code order number) the following equipment:
    1- Drawbar
    2A – PTO Complete
    2D – Pulley & Pulley Drive
    4 – Governor
    9 – Front Bumper Weight
    24 – Hot Climate Radiator
    36 – 7.00×15, 4ply, N.D. Tire
    40A – Heavy Duty Rear Springs

    Also receiving the Heavy Duty Rear Springs (40A) were:
    The Howe Fire Truck package
    Earth Drill package
    The Monroe Fire Plow & Pumper Unit package
    Lift Equipment packages
    Lubritruck package
    Movie Truck package
    Drawbar Mount winch package
    Canfield Wrecker packages
    Manley Wrecker packages

    When Power Equipment (left undefined as to what constituted that) was installed, the Heavy Duty Rear spring package was 40B, or just the right side received a heavy duty rear spring.

    – Dave

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Here is a link to a brochure:

    Not a total list of accessories:
    Standard equipment on this model included:
    * 1.7 Kw, 110-120 volt AC output generator
    * Two Loud Speakers
    * 25-Watt Combination Amplifier-Tape Recorder
    * 4-Position Built-In Mixer
    * Sound Projector
    * Tape Recorder
    * 16 mm Projector with six inch speaker
    * 2 Chest-Type Microphones
    * 7 ½ x 10 foot Screen
    * Portable Splicing and Rewind Unit
    * Combination Filmstrip / Slide Projector
    * Metal Utility Table
    * Power extension cables and Outlets

  5. David Eilers Post author

    I suspect this sold, but don’t know for sure. I’ve updated the post. If I see it again I will drop you an email.

    – Dave

  6. Alan

    Yes it was sold to a teacher who was going to demonstrate it to his students. Nice system at the time and complete too.

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