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Newgren Post at Farm Jeep

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Barry added some useful information to the Newgren story. Check it out at Farm Jeep:



2 Comments on “Newgren Post at Farm Jeep


    As much as I like MB’s and GPW’s, This is why I switched to CJ’s.. WAY more cool stuff to work/play with. Fred Coldwell did a great write up about this in his Pre-Production Civilian Jeeps book. If the guys/ gals like all this Farm Jeep stuff, you HAVE to check this book out. For the Farm Jeep website crew, PLEASE keep doing what you’re doing, we’d love to see more!

  2. Barry Thomas

    I carry Fred’s book and 3 of the reproduction Equipment Books with me when I go to antique tractor shows. Great reference materials.

    Hoping to do more Farm Jeep updates after the show season. We need to do a Web design update, but life and work keep getting in the way. Glad you enjoy the site.


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