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German Kaiser-Wilys-Simca Ad

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Buz spotted this interesting advertisement on a Facebook post.



7 Comments on “German Kaiser-Wilys-Simca Ad

  1. Joe in Mesa

    “The right/correct auto (car) for everyone!” auf Deutsch

    Ganz Fahrvergnügen von Kaiser Willys 🙂
    Aber was ist “Simca”? I haven’t heard of Simca before.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Oh my hell … fixed …. somewhere I read it was French and that just stuck. Obviously, it is German. I even speak some German.

    I can’t elaborate, but you’ll just have to trust me when I say my head is elsewhere for the next 8 days.


    this must have been 1952 , 53 ?? — AEROS , cj-3b , custom wagon 6-85 ? kaiser car and those rottin simcas …

  4. Willi

    Yup, Simca was a French car company. My dad had a little red Simca when he was stationed in Germany. What i didn’t know was that Jeeps were sold in Germany. I never saw any but did see lots of older Unimogs.

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