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Photo of Henry J Kaiser in an Aluminum Jeep

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UPDATE II (July 20, 2018) : Keith provided portions of a document that show the agreement between Karl Probst / R.N. Harger and KAISER.

Probst-Harger-jeep-junior1 Probst-Harger-jeep-junior2

UPDATE (July 1, 2018) : Barry found a set of specs that could be a match to this prototype. Also, Keith noted that there were 6 different designs from the Probst-Harger” collaboration.

Original Post June 26th: Barry spotted this photo on the Kaiser Permanente history site. The jeep is listed as a 1943 Model 1160 “Kaiser Lightweight Jeep”. I’m not sure if this was supposed to be an Airborne prototype or just a concept lightweight jeep. Henry J. Kaiser is on the right. I think that’s Karl Probst on the far left; Rollin N. Harger might be seated in the middle.

Henry-Kaiser-in-Jeep 2

large spec sheet hkf950

Same document broken into 1/3s for slightly easier reading:

top third Kaiser specs

middle third of Kaiser specs

bottom third kaiser specs


9 Comments on “Photo of Henry J Kaiser in an Aluminum Jeep

  1. Keith

    There were 6 designs that the “Probst-Harger” company on Rhode Island Avenue in Detroit contracted with Kaiser to build. I’ve got copies of the contracts, prints, purchase orders, and the non-performance lawsuit that put Probst out of business.

  2. Maury

    This is interesting – I’d never really put together the fact that Kaiser was involved with Jeeps before their merger with Willys-Overland in 1953. The merged companies changed the name from Willys Motors to Kaiser Jeep Corporation in 1963.

  3. Bob

    This is interesting as the design seems to contain some elements that were used later on like in the cj5.

  4. Barry Ogletree

    I have just posted an devotional sheet of specs that were with the photo. Maybe the mystery will be solved, soon. The photo that I found were labeled as a hkf950 on both. Like they went together. If that is the case, the specs are dated as 1953. If you read the specs, they are outstanding. Beat the Jeep to heck. Love to have that vehicle. Maybe now it is a piece of extruded molding, a bomber, or a beer can. or all three. LINK:

  5. Nick

    When I received my APU archives from the Valentine family a few months ago, this vehicle was included in them. It’s an airborne prototype was actually designed by Harger & Valentine for Henry J. Kaiser Company. I believe it was in 1943, contract MT-215. This had an aircraft 52 hp engine and a completely custom driveline. When I get a chance I’ll scan the service & maintenance manual along with the original photos.

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Nick,

    Well that’s an interesting twist! Thanks for the update.

    – Dave

  7. Matt

    4WD and 4 wheel independent suspension? Interesting. Reminds me of a MUTT. To think where Jeep (or any other 4wd vehicle) would be today had they kept going with this idea back then is mind numbing.

    Jeep history unfolding/ Automotive archaeology. -Love it.


    henry j Kaiser — I think his name is on my cj-6 serial number plate ?? — and then we have Kaiser permanente cement plant ?? — Kaiser rolls ?? — Kaiser Wilhelm ?? — Kaiser health care ?? — jeez , give it a break ?? — PS — forgot the scads of Kaiser supersonic engines in my garage — and all the Kaiser car engine blocks littering my yard — and the rusty Kaiser 226 2 barrel high rise intake manifolds laying against my SEQUOIA SEMPERVIREN

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