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1953 Wagon 8×8 Kingman, Az

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UPDATE: John spotted this video. This 8×8 was last listed on eBay and sold for $11,100. It was relisted in 2014, at which time the video below was posted. I believe this sold, as it is no longer listed on the seller’s website.

(08/11/2012) “Built by legendary fabricator Dick Cook out of California be sure this rig was was put together the correct way! Known for his collaboration on the mechanical side of cars built with legendary 70’s car builder “Big Daddy Ross” his name is synonymous with multi-axle vehicles. This build includes the following:

-2 Overland wagons and 1 Jeep used to build this amazing Overland Custom
-Rebuilt 327 Corvette engine powers ALL 8 Wheels!
-Fuel Cell inside
-2 Leather Bucket Seats
-White face gusges
-Working emaergency sirens and lights

In full disclosure, the items that are not 100% show quality as follows:

-There is a bit of overspray on the drivers side
-The interior could use some TLC to get to show quality

This Willys will literally go anywhere, and it has. Dick Cook personally drove this rig with his daughter from Crested Butte Colorado all the way over the pass to Aspen only a few years ago for a road trip. With the option of locking out the rear 4 wheels this rig will motor down the highway at 65 mph. Also has one of the best turning capabilities of any auto out there. It will “crab” down the road in a parade or 8 wheel steer itself out of any trail corner. Bid now and be the owner of this one of a kind WIllys 8X8 Overland before it makes its way to Barrett Jackson Las Vegas and goes for who know how much!”


7 Comments on “1953 Wagon 8×8 Kingman, Az

  1. Steve

    Notwthat is a wild idea, but getting in it with those doors is going to take some acrobatics. Notice what older guys see and thing of……………………………….

  2. DC

    This won’t last long. Pretty good price for a rare vehicle in the condition. I’d love to have it. Drawbacks would be the getting in it and maybe parts.

  3. DC

    Oh, and is this a rear engine? I ask because the front is so short and there is a grill on the tailgate.

  4. Colin

    All those things crossed my mind as well. At my age, I don’t think I could get in and out of it, maybe through the turret on the roof! Pretty darn ingenious, though!

  5. Bob in nc

    Looks heavy and slow.
    They say my 3b will go 55 downhill with a tail wind. I guess this 8×8 will go 65 with a vet engine. If you’d want to try and drive it that fast.

  6. John

    I agree with getting it, I’d need a step ladder or maybe like a young lady I
    saw getting in a high lifted 4×4 truck, she had a stirrup from a saddle to hang down
    then a rope to pull it back up.


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