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1949 Jeepster Kingman, AZ Status Unknown

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UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $15,000.

The new top looks nice.

“Red with white top, Ford V8 flathead, automatic, new top, etc.”



4 Comments on “1949 Jeepster Kingman, AZ Status Unknown

  1. Robert Mooler

    looks kinda neat ? — red/white color scheme — ford flattie — do those mate up with an automatic ?? — advance adapters ? — my 4 old jeepsters are all STOCK — THE ONLY LEGAL CONVERSION IS to install a HURRICANE 6 ( F6-161 ) — that’s all you need for interstate MOTORING enjoyment !!

  2. Dave in Golden

    Dave–do you have a contact for the owner of the 49 Jeepster in Kingman, Ariz ?? thanks
    Dave in Golden

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Dave,

    I don’t have information for that seller. I’ll update this post and keep a watch out for it to be reposted.

    – Dave

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