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1950 Photo of Troops Pulling Jeep From Water on eBay

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This is the latest “floating jeep” training photo that’s I’ve seen. Anyone know how long troops floating jeeps as part of their training?

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“1950 Press Photo Troops haul floating jeep from water in training at Camp McCoy.
This is an original press photo. Troops of the pioneer and ammunition platoon of the 14th regimental combat team haul a floating jeep from the water in a demonstration of “flotation expedients” for civilian competent organizations training at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin. Parts of the team, a regular army unit on detached service from Camp Carson, Colorado, conduct demonstrations in all phases of infantry training for national guard, ROTC and ORC units at summer encampments. Photo measures 10 x 8.25 inches. Photo is dated 7-21-1950.”




One comment on “1950 Photo of Troops Pulling Jeep From Water on eBay

  1. Gliii

    I don’t know if the troops are still being trained to float vehicles, but the training goes back to the horse drawn wagon days.

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