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2 1957 FC-150s Motley, MN $1500

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

Some parts value here.


“I have decided to part ways with this project and invest in something else. The red unit is a cab/box, the gray is a chassis unit serial 10265 (VERY EARLY SERIAL).

Neither trucks have titles. Both engines appear to be locked up. The red engine won’t budge, and the gray one appears to be frozen as well, but I haven’t taken much time on it. The rear end on the gray one seems to be locked up, so I have rigged up a trailer axle for rolling/transporting. No glass for either one. The red unit has a box that is in rough shape, but could be saved. Between the two, there should be more than enough to patch one together, or supply parts for your other project.

Re-posting these Jeeps because I had someone in the Jeep community commit to picking these up over 2 months ago, and decided not to get them after all. First $1500 in my hands gets both.

If interested, I can take specific pictures of areas of concern. Email me your contact information if interested in these trucks. If this is posted, they are still available, so let’s just skip the “Do you still got them” communication and get down to getting these beauties in your hands!”


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