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‘Four Generations” Jeep Video with Vintage Footage

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Steve shared this cool video that was posted recently to Youtube.

“This Video is some of the highlights of our memories with our 1946 Willys CJ2A Jeep – Was purchased in 1953 and 65 yrs later still on the road. Four generations and lots of memories.”


9 Comments on “‘Four Generations” Jeep Video with Vintage Footage

  1. Joe DeYoung

    That’s so cool to have such wonderful pics and video of a jeep that’s stayed in the family for all those years. Priceless memories!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ted Jordan

    Yup , wicked cool!!!!! Love the old footage as well as the new stuff. Bone stock 2A making it happen!!!! Love the factory half cab, soft top, dual wheels front and rear, and a rear winch setup, just doesn’t get any better than that!!! Great video and story guys

  3. 4-63 FOREVER

    my earliest jeep buy — 1951 station wagon 473 , 2 wheel drive — bought 1965 — is long gone — oh wait a minute ? — I just spotted the spicer 23 rear axle , 5.38 , leaning against the barn — gears blown out from that mud-pit ride in the late 60’s — the body I torched — still have a drivers door — etc other parts — driver door has a city seal on it — was a city of *** ****** city vehicle when new — then us hippies got it — still have railroad track scars on my arm from the rear tailgate — 2 wheel drive jeeping , wine and mota dang near ripped my arm off — riding on the rear bumper — high speed down a santa cruz mountain road = hospital — loss of plasma — good times — all my kids are gone now — kids don’t want a jeep these days — they want a cell phone — and mota ..

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