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More 2018 Toledo Jeep Fest Photos

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Bob Christy shared the photos below. For more photos, check out Jef Price’s “Field Photographer” blog. An owner of old jeeps himself, Jef’s blog walks through his use of different lenses using jeeps as subjects.

The “When Wagoneers Roamed the Earth” display looked well done.

2018-toledo-jeep-wagonneers-roamed2 2018-toledo-jeep-wagonneers-roamed3Here’s a 3B for sale:


Here are some pics from the parade:2018-toledo-jeep-3b 2018-toledo-jeep-fest-parade3 2018-toledo-jeep-fest-parade4 2018-toledo-jeep-fest-parade5 2018-toledo-jeep-fest-parade6 2018-toledo-jeep-fest-parade7 2018-toledo-jeep-fest-parade8 2018-toledo-jeep-fest-parade9

Many thanks to Jerry for his work on the Toledo Jeep Fest!2018-toledo-jeep-jerry

Can you relate?2018-toledo-jeep-strip



5 Comments on “More 2018 Toledo Jeep Fest Photos

  1. Jerry Huber

    Dave, The second Toledo Jeep Fest is now in the history books. My thanks to so many real Jeepers out there who made the trip to Toledo with so many wonderful Jeeps to share with the Jeep community. We were able to display some amazing machines from every era of Willys and Jeep production. Bob Christy, Keith Buckley, Paul Berry and Bill Norris with a host of other dedicated folks participated and helped make the event worth every hour we spent in planning and preparing. My hope is that everyone enjoyed it and will want to do it again.

  2. Bob

    You guys did a great job putting this event together. The parade looked like so much fun we may even forgo the history display to be in the parade next time!

  3. David Eilers Post author


    Congrats on a job well done. I’ve heard nothing but good things from it. Hopefully, I can participate next time!

    – Dave

  4. John North Willys

    that blue cj-3b , black top , white wheels , THATS PROPER !! — a restoration should look like that — that JEEP looks like it just rolled out onto Parkway Boulevard — FROM THE *** DAMN WILLYS OVERLAND TOLEDO OHIO ASSEMBLY PLANT !!!

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