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Year? M-38 Thessaloniki, Greece No Price


UPDATE: Murray, I tried to email you, but your email address came back no good. Can you email me at and I will send you the info.

A seller named Φίλιππος Κερενκιώτης near Thessaloniki, Greece, let me know that he’s got an M-38 for sale. It’s a project, but it does include the proper paperwork.

He contacted me via FB, so if you are in/near Greece and interesting in this, I’ll hook you up with him. Maybe this is a good time to take your significant other to Greece?

m38-greece-1 m38-greece-2


2 Comments on “Year? M-38 Thessaloniki, Greece No Price

  1. Jordi Cortés

    I am a collector from Spain and i m interesed in this willys M38 from Greece.
    Can you send the e-mail of this person?
    Thank you.
    Jordi Cortés.

  2. Maxwell González

    The M38 still is available or it was sold?
    I’m interested in this M38. Could you provide me the e-mail of your Greek friend, thanks.

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