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Throwing Wrenches Episode 3 — Saving the CJ-3A-Truck

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As Merlins explains at the beginning of this video, This crazy CJ-3A truck was something he saw listed on eWillys. It proved useful into it broke down a couple years ago. In this newest episode of Throwing Wrenches, the crew gets it running again.


6 Comments on “Throwing Wrenches Episode 3 — Saving the CJ-3A-Truck

  1. Mike

    The question many of us might be asking;How do I get on that FREE PARTS gravy train mailing list?

  2. Gayland Leddy

    I thought it was interesting that they would rather change axles than do a brake job on the rear axle.

  3. Mike

    I wasn’t impressed with this video, too much time spent on promotion, not enough time spent on actually showing the repairs, I thought I missed something, watched again, didn’t miss a thing. I did see a greasy engine, no greasy hands. “GREASE FOR THOUGHT.”

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Mike: I think those are fair criticisms. The theme of the episode appears to have been “we are going to get this drivable”. While they certainly accomplished that goal, from an audience perspective, there weren’t many explanations, such as 1) here is our problem, 2) here is how we will address it, 3) here are the problems we ran into, which you might run into as well, and 4) here is how we successfully dealt with our problems.

    Gayland: I think the issue was cost? It was cheaper to replace the rear end with a free, working rear end rather than purchase brakes (though I would suspect they could have gotten the brake parts donated).

    It’s possible that the video showing some of the explanations didn’t turn out or didn’t quite work as planned. I know they are still finding their way through this process.

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