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1952 M-38 Salt Lake City, UT $10,000


The headline of the ad suggests it is a Wagon, but I suspect that has to do with the way the ad entry is setup.


“This is a functional, street legal 1952 M38. Runs and drives great.
Since I bought this two years ago, I:
– Rebuilt the complete tranny
– Rebuilt the complete transfer case
– Replaced front brake rotors
– Replaced all break lines
– Replaced all break calipers
– Replaced master cylinder
– Replaced carberator
– Replaced oil pan
– Replaced oil catch

– Replaced replaced oil filter
– Replaced exhaust manifold
– Replaced full exhaust
– Replaced clutch friction disc
– Replaced clutch linkage/cables
– Replaced starter
– Replaced alternator
– Replaced gauges
-Replaced fuel float
– Replaced fuel lines
– Replaced tires and tubes
– Sand blasted and powder coated wheels
There are smaller things that I rebuilt/replaced along the way, but that is the majority of the work done. Most everything was replaced with ‘original’ parts.
Things that I still planned on doing was rewire/organize the dash gauges, replace seats and seat frames (neither are original M38), rewire break lights, replace leaf springs, body work and paint.
There are two things that are wrong. The break lights do not work (but hazards do which use the same light) and there is a constant battery draw that started when I replaced the alternator this spring. Electrical work is not my expertise…
Mechanically, she runs excellent, cosmetically she needs some work. I have added two photos of me wheeling the M38 to show that she does work. And is a hell of a lot of fun…”


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