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Dave’s 1948 Dually CJ-2A

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Dave just scored a Dually adapter kit off of eBay. He’s also got a set of fenders. I really like those Free-Lock hubs, too.





dave-cj2a-dually3 dave-cj2a-dually7


18 Comments on “Dave’s 1948 Dually CJ-2A


    I WANT A SET OF THOSE TOO !!! — my 67 cj-6 v-6 has already been rolled over at least once — the 48″ axle track is why — get squirrely with that high power v-6 and crummy ass ross steering — and BINGO !! — over you go — a set of duals on the back would be just what dr barney roos ORDERED !!!


    the only problem with duals — BLOWING UP THE STARBOARD OUTSIDE TIRE !!! — I have a class c rv with a dana 70 , 4.10 gears — the only tire I ever blow out is the STARBOARD OUTSIDE !! — cut a corner too sharp on a mountain road — KABLOOIE !! — happened on mount shasta recently — a basketball size chunk of lava rock — BLAM !!! — and with 16.5 ” rims — NO 16.5 ” TIRES AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ON THIS PLANET !!!

  3. Ted Jordan

    Look awesome !!! The fenders might even be tractor supply trailer fenders. They bolt right up and look pretty close to the real deal. Good point by David on the spare holder , next add on would be the Koenig bed extender which has a plate on it to mount another spare holder

  4. Dave Siracuse

    I appreciate the post. Like I said I’ve found my last 2 jeeps here as well as parts. And my 1st 2a sold to an air Force vet from Kentucky thru here.
    The fenders are tractor supply. Unbelievable fit. 32″.
    The spare will be relocated as soon as I decide what’s going in the bed.
    As for the outboard tires I was told buy the seller to keep them 10lbs lighter for less stress on tire and axle. Anybody here this before?
    And guys thanks for the compliments. I’m shooting from the hip on this one . Kinda budgetting. The paint is the best damn rattle can I ever did!!! Ha !
    Oh and it is a repro tub. Frame is original but the last owner let the original body waste away. The Willys was saved from the original parts.
    Oh and Dave, thank you and great site!!

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks and you are welcome. You have some series rattle can skills 🙂

    Rob Stafford loves the plastic spray can paint. He finds it cheap, good looking and easy to fix (he races and runs trails in the Northwest with his jeeps). I think it was this stuff:!2966!3!50916762237!!!g!376357151273!&ef_id=W39eigAAAXyhPG58:20180824012530:s in blue.

    Here’s a pic of his 2A (2017 just a week before the Alaska trip: )

    – Dave

  6. Terry Chicago

    Yes, keep the outside tires considerably less air. You want more give from the outside tires when you’re turning hard and turn SLLOOOOOwwww.

  7. Dave Siracuse

    I actually bought the ones with the back on them. Thank gosh that the welds broke right away. Ha! Worked perfectly.

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