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Terry’s CJ-3B

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Terry bought this running late model CJ-3B for a great price, then doubled his investment in the jeep by fixing it up and adding some fun extras like rear duallies, a hardtop, and rope (just for kicks). Despite the additions, almost none of it altered the original jeep he bought. He says the changes made the jeep popular with folks and 99% of people didn’t realize it was not a military jeep.

The other day he went into a dealership and the dealer offered to buy it. Though not planning to sell the jeep, the amount offered by the dealer, double Terry’s entire investment in the jeep, was too good to refuse, so he sold the jeep. With his new found cash, he picked up a wagon that he plans to restore. Here are a few pics of the CJ-3B.

Before his changes:

cj3b-3 cj3b-4

After his updates, including the purchase of a hardtop:cj3b-5 cj3b-6 cj3b-7 cj3b-8 cj3b-9


10 Comments on “Terry’s CJ-3B

  1. Terry Chicago

    The back is an old huge metal basket thing with 2 handles that 1 top handle I chopped off so I could flip the ‘cage’ up. The cage holds an old school forest preserve fire extinguisher tank with a ‘gun’ sprayer that I made to look like a flamethrower kit. Believe it or not the tailgate and the hatch in the rear could be open completely without removing ANY of the things bolted on in the rear. This jeep also had a pto unit with 2 output shaft that I was going to eventually install and get a rear pto chain or belt to power an pto generator in the rear and front pto winch NOT simultaneously. But I sold her.

  2. Bob in nc


    It seems you got a little carried away with the rope but he’ll you doubled your money and got something you wanted more than the 3b. Job well done.

  3. Terry Chicago

    Thanks Bob in NC, I actually liked the 3B but the wagon is more awesome. I admit I went excessive with the rope.

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