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PNW4WDA Racing Videos

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The PNW4WDA racing year is almost over. Here are a couple videos from past years. The first is a great overhead view of some the tracks, which are changed slightly for every race.

Here are a few clips from the 2017 season.


3 Comments on “PNW4WDA Racing Videos

  1. Bob

    If we still had honest to goodness racing like that in Ohio I’d be doing it…what we have are $40,000 sand dragsters. Just not that exciting

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Most of the competitors these days are race-only rigs, but it doesn’t require an expensive jeep to enter and have fun.

  3. Bob in nc

    In North Brazil nere Jericoacoara there are lots of Jeep’s and dune buggies. Pretty cool, you can drive miles and miles of open beach. Lots of racing for fun there.

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