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Year? CJ-5 w/ Jeep-A-Trench Louisville, TN $4000


Thanks to a couple folks for sharing this link. It has an automatic?

“I’m trying to sell this Jeep truck equipment vehicle for this old man he’s asking 4000 for it I don’t know much about it but we can go look at it. He has a lot of other things for sale too.”



3 Comments on “Year? CJ-5 w/ Jeep-A-Trench Louisville, TN $4000

  1. Bill

    This is a $500 Jeep IF it has a title. Then you scrap the trencher and build a nice, drivable Jeep. People need to get real and stop thinking these accessories are “valuable”. Also, please stop telling people what they have is worth more than they are asking for it. That’s just stupid… now this guy will sit on this forever because someone told him it’s worth more than the $1500 price guess he came up with the first time.

    I dare anyone to buy it. Then realize that you bought something that’s impossible to drive, and that you now have something that you need to store somewhere for the other 364 days out of the year that you don’t turn it on and show it off to your friends (who will wonder wtf you were thinking when you bought it). Hopefully you only paid $500 for it.

    Good luck out there!

  2. Bingo

    Gee Bill, we’re all not Pie-in-da-sky liberals. Kneelin down & drinkin the Kool-Aid. Don’t get the willies! Have some faith in common sense. Most Jeepers’ have it 4x4xfar more than yer average politician.
    If’n y’all want that trencher that bad, just say so. { 😉

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