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1944 MB Phoenix, AZ $1500

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Wow … just wow!

“WWII Willys MB.
This vehicle is fairly complete but not running. 134Lhead motor, T84 transmission and transfer case. The body has been modified with a hard top and other unique additions. Over all this is a great vehicle for parts etc. Good running gear, front rear and original GI Ross stearing box. The parts are worth alot so $1500 takes it. I’m looking for the title but if not found I can do a notarized bill of sale.”









5 Comments on “1944 MB Phoenix, AZ $1500

  1. Craig in ME

    At least the bumperettes are still original! What a POS! Highlighting the ‘Ross steering box’ is really stretching it…hell, throw in those bodies in the background for a quicker sale. Are those Land Rover fenders…lol.

  2. Carl Watt

    fantastic. Makes you wonder if this is one that was modified in Germany after the war and then brought back. The small size of the car body might mean it is European. I heard there were shops in Germany that specialized in these kind of conversions.

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