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1946 CJ-2A Goffstown, NH **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $9500

(06/16/2018) Column shift 2A that’s never been restored according to the seller.

“1946 Willys column shift CJ2A. This is a survivor and by that I mean it has never been restored, only maintained. This was purchased new by the same family who owned it for 70 years before I bought it. It was used on the families country home in upstate New York for hunting and fishing mostly and always garage kept. It has never been used to plow. Everything works as it should. It still has the generator but everything was converted to 12V long ago. Other things not stock include 2 taillights and directionals.

The top is original or period correct and the jeep was apparently always used with the top on. All the original hardware for the top is there. That said the top is unique as it’s original but it has some rips and the windows are cloudy. There were floor mats throughout that were removed prior to taking the pictures.The jeep starts, runs and sounds great. It will need a new exhaust. One picture shows the gages and the reading warmed up and at an idle. Column shift works well but going to 2nd takes a getting used too. Wooden box between the front seats is a 4 place rifle rack. The ID tags on the body, dash and frame are all present and with matching numbers. The body on this jeep while original has been “kept up on” over the years with body work as needed. Jeep is being sold with a bill of sale and a NH registration.”

1946-cj2a-goffstown-nh0 1946-cj2a-goffstown-nh1 1946-cj2a-goffstown-nh2 1946-cj2a-goffstown-nh3 1946-cj2a-goffstown-nh4


5 Comments on “1946 CJ-2A Goffstown, NH **SOLD**

  1. Dave from Mn

    Looks nice but every original I’ve seen has shot springs and sits about 3 inches lower than this one.

  2. John

    I think this was recently listed on eBay with a reserve at $10,000 and Buy It Now at $12,000. No bids were received.

  3. 4-63 FOREVER

    I have always wondered why willys made these early cj’s with COLUMN SHIFTS ?? — plus they did the same thing with the early JEEP TRUCKS !!! — I KNOW , I HAVE A 1948 MODEL 4WD TRUCK WITH the STINKING COLUMN SHIFT !!! — and a 1948 MODEL 2WD TRUCK — I think it was just a way to civilianize the JEEP ?? — column shift , , chrome light rings , softer springs , more creature comforts , heater , radio — the column shift jeeps didn’t last long , except of course in the 2wd wagons and jeepsters — personally , I think its too much MECHANISM to shift gears in a transmission — my column shift stuff has broken over the year ( owned truck since 1971 ) — I can retrofit in a cane shift transmission , 1949 JEEP TRUCKS had them — but I want to keep it all ORIGINAL .

  4. Terry

    I have had and drove many column shift autos , and they are way better . I have owned from a 39 chevy to 76 Bronco all with 3 speed column shift . Last year I sold a 65 tuxedo park with a column shift and it was much easier to drive than my 65 cj5 with floor shift . Most jeeps were abused and not maintained , so yes ,70 years later they are hard to shift and have more parts to fail , but in 1945 Willys was selling new jeeps to people who knew and wanted” 3 on the tree” . Willlys was not thinking about us collectors in 2018 . I figure they went to a floor shift because it was cheaper and easier to build , and 1n 1946 they were selling more jeeps than they could build .

  5. Kirby Gilmore

    This is really a good jeep if it is correct and runs good too.

    I am surprised that it has not sold.

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