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1948 CJ-2A w/ARPS Half Tracks Sister Bay, WI $3000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(09/05/2018) This ought to interest someone.

“1948 Willy’s Jeep on arps half tracks, on of a kind conversion, steers by two brake levers locking out either side, can spin circles on itself, 3 speed, newer idler tires, will go through 2 ft of water. Flat head four cylinder, spun a main bearing, pulled motor, had everything repaired, crank turned, new bearings, just needs to be reassembled.”

1948-jeep-halftrack-sistermoon-wi1 1948-jeep-halftrack-sistermoon-wi2


4 Comments on “1948 CJ-2A w/ARPS Half Tracks Sister Bay, WI $3000

  1. MATT

    Huh. Yet *another* thing Willy’s can do. That’s kind of cool actually.. Someone ought to pick this up and restore it.

  2. CraigInPA

    In a word, this is “awesome”. Alas, she who must be obeyed has forbidden me to buy anything that even remotely looks like “construction equipment”.

  3. steve iowa

    chains on the rear tires? looks like a creative home made trac? steering by right/left brake of a original willys axle?

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