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Ian’s Big Willy Mutant Jeep @ Burning Man

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Big Willy made a good impact at Burning Man this year. Barry shard this photo by Susan Clemens of Big Willy at Burning Man dressed in some neon.


Motor Trend published this photo, which also has other photos of mutant vehicles.


Ian published this photo on Facebook.



5 Comments on “Ian’s Big Willy Mutant Jeep @ Burning Man

  1. Steve Kreisher

    I wonder how they transport some of those huge and seemingly frail monsters to the desert without tearing them up, and on what size rigs?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Steve, as I understand it, many or built once they arrive. The planning for these things takes all year.

    Back in mid-2005, a company I co-founded outside of Santa Cruz had plans to create software that would help facilitate the building of long distance art projects like Burning Man. At the time, Friendster had been used as a way to help links folks who were working on those projects, but Friendster was 1) dying and 2) didn’t have the project planning aspects necessary to help execute projects. So, a few of us within the company saw a niche-window in which to launch something unique, had begun building the software, and had plans to rent a motorhome and go to Burning Man.

    Those plans went to shit when the other company co-founder (who was also the CEO) hijacked those plans for his grand plan, a 3D virtual learning space that was big on visuals, but short on utility. Because of his takeover of the software, and other issues in which he broke employment laws, I left the company in late 2006. The company died a couple years later, because the CEO stood in the way of building anything useful. But, I always regretted that we didn’t get to Burning Man ….

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