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1974 Jeepers Jamboree Slides on eBay

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These are five slides from a larger collection of slides showing the 1974 Jeepers jamboree available on eBay for sale. Check out the first photo of the CJ-3B; the hood has some strange bends where it meets the grille.

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7 Comments on “1974 Jeepers Jamboree Slides on eBay

  1. Tom Royal

    Can someone identify for me the wide rims (especially in photo #3)? Would like to know diam, width, and backspace/offset, and if a “stock” rim so I know what to look for– or were they custom
    “reverse” rims locally made . Thank you..

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Tom,

    I believe those are 15″x8″ Kelsey Hayes Rims installed on CJ-5s With the 1970 Renegade 1 package (and others?). Front spacing is 4.75 and back is 3.75 inches, according to this link (


    These are sought after rims and hard to find at this point.

  3. TJ

    I just looked at my 3B, it almost looks like the hood bends are because it’s a 3B hood wrapped over a 3A ? grille.

  4. David Eilers Post author


    That’s definitely a 3B grille. Maybe it’s just a badly done fiberglass hood? I don’t see “WILLYS” along the side of the hood (or maybe it’s a post 63 hood?).

    – Dave

  5. TJ

    One of the more interesting things about these old Jeeps, sometimes you never know. The one I saw last summer here at a garage sale, was a 3A with a custom built up cowl, extensions on the grille and sides of the hood, so it resembled a 3B. Had a light bar across the front, since their grille had no provisions for head lites or marker lites. You had actually featured it before, and I sent you a few pictures.
    Family at the sale were describing it as an original 3B, and I showed pics of mine and showed them what I knew about their relative’s rendition.
    Best part was when I went to the local speed shop right after, to get brakes lines and pieces to plumb the 3b’s 4 wheel disc conversion.
    I was telling the owner’s friend about the Jeep I had just seen, and said he should go look at it, it was probably the only early flat fender in existence with a flathead Ford V-8. He smiled, and said it was actually a fairly common swap many years ago, and that he had done several himself.

  6. David Eilers Post author

    TJ … I do hazily remember the jeep you mentioned. It was an odd one!

    Yes, I have listed a number of Flathead V8 swaps. I thought that would be a fun vintage jeep to own.

    – Dave

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